Forexbasicsplus – Advanced Trader Level 3 – Free Download

This is the final installment of our complete trading system. In addition to learning the principles of Trending and Counter Trending markets, you will also learn to recognize and understand the markets’ rhythm and clearly identify and use trending markets, counter trending markets, and divergent markets to your advantage.

Natalie shows the best ways to minimize your risk while participating in all 3 of these market conditions. Our course training includes the following topics:

  • Trading With the Trend
  • Trading Counter Trend
  • Setting Fibonacci Levels Correctly
  • Understanding Bearish and Bullish Divergence
  • Market Rhythm in 3 Stages
  • Understanding the Bigger Picture
  • Setting Realistic Goals
  • Forex Risk and Trading Growth Plan
  • How to Set-up a Business Plan
  • Tracking Your Progress to Control Your Future

Our objective is to help you simplify your trading life, and provide you with all the tools and skill you will need to get on, and stay on a consistent winning track. This course builds upon all you have learned in previous lessons, and will prepare you for individual mentoring if you feel like you need it, after completing the lessons. The tests, quizzes, and assignments are designed to help you better understand the course material.

This part of the system is designed for intermediate and advanced students who are serious about making money in the Forex market. We have designed all our courses around the challenges of learning to trade while working a full time job.

We look forward to your success.


  1. Prerequisites for this course include the training in Forex Basics Plus BASIC – Level 1, BEGINNER – Level 1 Advanced, and INTERMEDIATE – Level 2 courses. We assume you have all the background of having completed all the assignments of our prior courses. There is no review included on the use of the tools and indicators from the BASIC, BEGINNER, or the INTERMEDIATE courses.
  2. Your proficiency with MT4 platform, Windows Explorer Software, and General Computer Knowledge should be expanding, and should almost be second nature by now.
  3. Send “Support Related” questions to [email protected]

What is the target audience?

  • This course is intended for intermediate to advanced students who are serious about learning how to master the essential fundamentals of making money with Technical Forex Trading.
  • We have designed it to be taken either concurrently with individual mentoring or as a prerequisite to be taken prior to mentoring.  This allows flexibility to vary the speed with which you wish to achieve your trading goals.

Forexbasicsplus – Advanced Trader Level 3 - Free Download