Forexbasicsplus – Professional Trader Course – Free Download

In this course we have combined all 4 levels of our complete trading system in one place, and providing a 25% discounted price over what you would pay for all of our courses purchased separately. Our objective, with this training, is to help you simplify your trading life, and provide you with all the tools and skill you will need to get on, and stay on a consistent winning track.

You should expect to learn the principles of recognizing and understanding the markets’ rhythm, and be able to clearly identify and use trending markets, counter trending markets, and divergent markets to your advantage.

Our students have been very successful in applying these techniques to gain higher win rates than they have ever experienced before. We are proud to introduce you to a very high probability method of taking and managing trades to their completion. There are “No Gray Areas” and no “Guesswork.” Most of your trades will be “set and forget” with very clear exit signals.

Each Level of study has its’ own set of Lessons, Assignments, Activities, Indicators, Platform Settings, Templates, Course Manuals, Tests and Quizzes, and there is an Introduction to each level preceding the course material.

We wish you much Trading Success!

Natalie and Michael


  • Designed for New or Beginning Students of Forex who have limited knowledge of the Forex Basics Plus methodology.
  • Clean, Virus Free Computer with Windows Environment. If you are using a MAC make sure you have a Windows emulator such as VirtualBox by Oracle (free), Parallels, etc.
    • 4 GB RAM Minimum recommended, MT4 performs better with 8GB.
    • CPU with 2.7 GHz Processor (Multiple Cores Work Better)
  • Proficiency in use of Windows Explorer Software and General Computer Knowledge.
  • Basic Knowledge of FOREX Trading – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be searched on the website You are not expected to go through all the school courses in, but please research answers to your basic questions before contacting support.
  • Send “Support Related” questions to [email protected]

What is the target audience?

  • This course is intended for newly aspiring FOREX traders with limited trading background OR anyone interested in learning or reviewing the essential fundamentals of Forex Trading using a simplified strategy.
  • The course is aimed at enlightened beginners, so only a basic understanding of the Windows operating system, and familiarity of the lingo of FOREX (as obtained from, or a similar source) is suggested.
  • We have designed it to be taken either concurrently with individual mentoring or as a prerequisite to be taken prior to mentoring. This allows flexibility to vary the speed with which you wish to achieve your trading goals.

Forexbasicsplus – Professional Trader Course - Free Download