Local Lift Off + OTO’s by Mike Paul – Free Download

If you want to enjoy all the leads your offline consulting business can handle, then THIS is for YOU …

How a ‘DUNCE’ Consultant Runs Rings Around Other Deep-Pocket Marketers With ZERO-to-Five Dollars And an Idiot-Proof… 25 Minute Game Plan?

“Read on to see how you can leave wasteful ‘scatter-gun’ lead-chasing to others less savvy while you enjoy my brand new ‘Liftoff’ formulas for ULTRA-targeted leads for peanuts sending your ROI off the chart STARTING TODAY …”

Introducing Local Lift Off + OTO’s

This is a very comprehensive, multi-media training program with nothing left out, designed to zoom you to effort-free lead generating relief as fast as humanly possible.

So whether you’re happiest watching videos or reading a complete training manual, you’ll be delighted at the simplicity of the method …

  • The Simplest Marketing Plan You Will Ever Need – steal my one-page marketing plan that took me to the top ranks of corporate sales positions and freed me to total-control in my own business.
  • How deploying this SUPER-COMBO will sky-rocket your laser- targeted leads – while keeping your marketing investment at rock bottom
  • How the cost of Lead-Gen will be almost nothing compared on Google or FaceBook – yet you’ll enjoy even better targeting.
  • How to quickly OUTSOURCE YOUR ENTIRE MARKETING PLAN – and the essential step to enjoy that laser-accurate conversions..
  • How Three KEY WORDS will Force a Positive Response from your future clients(this is vital and yet my method makes it so easy a child could do it).
  • How to Copy & Paste your way to a steady flow of inbound motivated leads (Just 3 battle-tested swipes is all you will need)!)
  • How just 25 minutes is all you’ll need – to cut your prospecting down to nil while enjoying an influx of weekly appointments!.
  • The “Insta-Warm” approach. Think this platform is full of “wannabe’s”… Think again – This one community is a Goldmine for Local Marketers!
  • Hate The Follow-up? Learn how to follow up effectively with your leads without ever having to talk to them or email them…
  • Sidestep the competition with OFF-THE-GRID Online Communities – why the “not-so-popular” websites are full of ravenous prospects more open to your offering..
  • The Most Targeted, Ready-Now, and Responsive “Job-Board” Leads – A Totally Updated way to go right to the decision-maker of local business with no phone calls or pesky face-to-face meethings!

And much, MUCH more …

BecauseI’m determined you’ll make a rip-roaring success of this simple way of enjoying all the leads you want, I’ve created this very special bonus to quickly transform you into an advertising wizard …

Local Lift Off + OTO’s by Mike Paul - Free Download