Maxtradingsystem – MAX Primer Course – Free Download

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The MAX Primer Course provides an introduction to MAX trading, along with a complete trading system. It is designed as a very thorough entry level training for traders with limited funds, no success in trading, or for traders who simply want a good look at MAX before committing to our 7-week Standard training.

The Primer Course includes 8 hours of training, our safest MAX entry, effective exit techniques, and risk management training.

“I have been trading full time successfully for six years. My first studies in technical analysis were in the late 80’s (when computers were not as common and charts were studied on paper) and I have spent more money in trading studies than I did going to college. I have taken dozens of course, read at least 100+ books, and have studied under several famous traders and former bank traders, over the past 22 years. I can honestly say that MAX concepts are absolutely the best of the best, there is nothing that comes close to the accuracy that you get with the MAX”. –CAV

Maxtradingsystem – MAX Primer Course - Free Download