Pristine – Trading the Pristine Method 2008 – free download

Two live class included in this upload Trading The Pristine Method- Presented LIVE by Paul Lange and Advanced Technical Strategies- Presented LIVE by Greg Capras.
Trading The Pristine Method- Presented LIVE by Paul Lange

Trading the Pristine Method® Part I (TPM1) provides you with the best, most powerful and most comprehensive stock trading training for successfully trading the markets you will receive anywhere. As a trader, you will be confronted with many challenges – You deserve nothing less than the absolute best education and most advanced professional resources behind you…and it all starts with the world-renowned Trading the Pristine Method® Part I.
Seminar Description

Whether you are a beginner or an active intra-day trader, swing trader or an intermediate to long-term trader, you will learn a host of simple yet very powerful approaches. You can gain mastery over numerous trading tools and strategies that can help you make consistent daily profits with minimal risk.

Along the way, you will also be taught how to maintain the proper mindset, which is so crucial to becoming a world-class trader, and a powerful transformation will occur: You can gain mastery over the most important component of your trading arsenal… yourself! With this mastery, you can become a world-class trader.

After completing the TPM1 seminar, you will be able to immediately apply what you’ve learned, and start developing a level of trading mastery that most people never attain on their own. You can use these Pristine TPM1 techniques and trading tactics over and over again for consistent, continuous profits. The proof lies in the phenomenal, worldwide success we’ve had in training people just like you how to profitably trade the markets for a living.
This 2-day intensive and comprehensive course (the only one of its kind) will show you in exact detail how to profit in up, down and sideways markets. You will master:

Pristine’s incredibly powerful arsenal of chart pattern setups that will allow you to make consistent daily profits.

Pristine’s 7 Building Blocks to Trading Mastery and the ultimate power of Trend Analysis.

How to patiently and professionally pull large 2- to 5-day gains by becoming expert in Pristine’s Swing Trading Techniques.

How to reliably read, interpret and decode the mood of the market through candlestick chart patterns.

Several power trading combinations that will help increase trading profitability by putting the odds on your side.

How to understand the ebb and flow of fear and greed in the market.

How and when to place protective and trailing stops with pin point accuracy for both intra-day and swing trades to reduce risk and minimize losses on EVERY trade.

How to identify and implement powerful intra-day trading tactics using 2, 5- and 15-minute charts, many times in conjunction with hourly and daily charts for maximum effectiveness.

How to reap huge profits from Pristine’s incredibly reliable proprietary Trading Techniques, such as the secret of Pristine’s Buy and Sell Zones, the incredibly powerful “Pause That Refreshes” technique. clues from Narrow Range Day (NRD), odds you can bank on using Major Price Support and Resistance, much more.

Most importantly, you will learn the bread and butter of your successful trading business, the most prized tactics of them all: The Pristine Buy Setup, The Pristine Sell Setup, and the tactics that Pristine made famous… Pristine’s Guerrilla Trading Tactics!

Bullish and bearish 20/20 bars and plays

Gap ‘N Snap play

Bullish and bearish gap surprise

Bull and bear traps

1-2-3 continuation plays

And the most deadly setup of them all: The Pristine Mortgage play! Added to this are the most powerful enhancements and amplifiers that will give you the edge on every trade!

Although the above is more than most people need to succeed, we take you to the higher level of becoming a master trader by teaching you:

One of the most potent strategies Pristine traders employ: The Pristine breakout and breakdown. You’ll be able to see these trades coming from miles away and be ready to pounce.

How to PROPERLY identify & use trend lines. The most important tool ever created to keep you on the right side of the market.

How to interpret volume (the second most important variable in any trading decision) using Pristine’s methodology

The only seven actions a stock can take. How better to understand what will likely happen next…and what to do about it.

Oscillators – What they are good for… and what they are not!

Several hugely successful intra-day trading strategies using a combination of many individual tactics.

How to minimize risk & maximize profits intraday, every day, using our risk/reward approach to setting up your trades.

Intra-day Late Day Breakouts (the most potent type of breakout).

Intra-day combinations (of which you’ll likely use 2 or three every day).

How to confidently analyze ANY chart!

Advanced Technical Strategies- Presented LIVE by Greg Capras.

Congratulations! As a graduate of Trading the Pristine Method Ala carte you are well on your way to a bright, successful future. You have learned Pristine’s powerful stock trading strategies and you now have the knowledge and market savvy to trade the markets. Most likely, you’ve already started to trade using your newly acquired skills and successful techniques. So what’s next? Joining the ranks of elite traders!

Advanced Technical Strategies is the most comprehensive advanced trading seminar available anywhere. Many trading “schools” have tried to imitate this unique course but have been unable to remotely duplicate Pristine’s success and, more importantly, been unable to pass-on that success to their students. Advanced Technical Strategies is the original and still best, world-renowned, advanced stock trading course! This premier course was developed under the strict guidance of Greg Capra, President and CEO of and 6-time winner and current champion of MoneyShow’s Live Trading Challenge.
Seminar Description

Advanced Technical Strategies builds greatly upon the winning strategies you’ve already learned in TPM Ala carte, by teaching you the expert-level tactics, strategies and actions that can catapult you to the higher stage of professional-level mastery. You will be taught many of Pristine’s proprietary advanced concepts, such as the powerful “void”, and delve much deeper into professional analysis of volume and supply and demand.

These are the keys that will open your eyes to the world of professional trading. Upon completion of this course your education, experience and trading skills, along with your risk management and trading success, will be far above the average trader. Your confidence and self-control will soar.

Here is some of what you will learn:

Greg Capra’s winning techniques and strategies.

Pristine’s advanced concepts and battle-tested trading methodology, developed over 16 years.

How to create and keep the mind-set of a pro trader at Greg Capra’s elite level.

Simplification and a much deeper understanding of candlestick analysis.

Advanced interpretation of volume to substantially increase the accuracy you reached in TPM Ala carte.

How the pros trade “people”, not stocks.

Using moving averages to identify divergence, relative strength/weakness and extreme overbought/oversold levels.

Deeper understanding of major and minor support and resistance, and their significance on multiple time frames;

Expert analysis of major, minor, and cluster pivots in determining whether a trend has stalled or changed (NOTE: Because of the lack of publicly available information on this subject, the Pristine authors spent over 100 hours designing this single chapter alone, which we believe is worth twice the cost of the seminar).

Using Market Internals (Futures, TICK, TRIN, VIX, and Put-Call Ratio) and Sentiment to time entries and measure crowd extreme fear or greed.

Analyze Gaps with professional accuracy.

Learn position and money management, including share size, scaling techniques, targets, and trailing stops and never risk a penny more than you have to again.

Putting it all together in a Professional Trading Plan.

Pristine – Trading the Pristine Method 2008 - free download