The MarketDelta Edge – PROFESSIONAL TRADING EDUCATION – free download

The MarketDelta Edge is a two step trading educational program.  The Trading Room shows you how to pick better locations and when to pick them.  The Edge is a comprehensive educational program that brings traders together to master together. You can have one without the other, if the Edge is too much try the Trading Room at just $99/mth.

If you were hired by a professional trading company, what would they teach you?  Professional trading companies [Proprietary Firms] don’t teach indicators or technical analysis. What they do teach is how to take your consumer skill set and apply it to trading professionally. The Edge has taken this approach and created an online trading course and community. The Edge consists of 6 individual tracks.

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  • Track 1 answers the question “What is Trading?”.
  • Track 2 goes a little deeper for those “Ready to Learn More” about trading.
  • Track 3 is the advanced, members only area that consists of professional trading concepts.
  • Track 4 is weekly coaching sessions.  Live and recorded so you can learn while you earn
  • Track 5 is short order flow trading clips.  Don’t just read about order flow, SEE it!
  • Track 6 is a special BONUS track offering members to connect to one another in a team environment
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The MarketDelta Edge – PROFESSIONAL TRADING EDUCATION - free download